African Americans in the Upper Yadkin Valley, NC: A General History
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The focus of this site is those of African descent who were enslaved in that western portion of North Carolina, USA called the Piedmont - the "foot of the mountain," more specifically the upper Yadkin Valley region. This information is brought forth through public records and the memories of descendants and is constantly evolving.

The story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter until the lion tells his tale.

  ____African Proverb

Alex (b.c.1868) & Julia (b.c.1871) Dulin, Davie Co
Image Courtesy of Sadie Bell Dulin

William Reid and daughter Estelle-Davie Co. c.1930
 Image 2  
Photo Courtesy of Sadie Bell Dulin

African American Family History Research

 Interested in learning more about your family history in the upper Yadkin Valley? Feel free to contact me. There is a good chance that I already have some of your family history on file; if not, I am available and willing to assist you. It does not matter if you are new to family history research or are more experienced and have a question, all you have to do is ask.   





Image 1
The Sacred Baobab

Upper Yadkin Valley Historical Background

This part of North Carolina was starting to be settled by non-indigenous people by the mid-1700s. This was approximately a century later than Virginia or even eastern North Carolina. Consequently, the history of the western third of the state, not studied extensively, has its own unique history. Please click the tab at the top of this page for more info.

County formation by year:

 1753 - Rowan from Anson

 1770 - Surry from Rowan

 1770 - Guilford from Surry and Orange

 1778 - Wilkes from Surry

 1785 - Rockingham from Guilford

 1788 - Iredell from Rowan

 1789 - Stokes from Surry

 1822 - Davidson from Rowan

 1836 - Davie from Rowan

 1849 - Forsyth from Stokes

 1850 - Yadkin from Surry


[Caswell County was formed in 1777 from Orange and Alexander County was formed in 1847 from Iredell, Caldwell, and Wilkes.]


 Source: ncgenweb



Lectures and other presentations


Available for lectures, speeches, workshops, etc., on the following or related subjects:

  • African American history in the 1700s and 1800s in the upper Yadkin Valley
  • African spiritual history and religious choices in the American South
  • Intra-regional migration patterns in the upper Yadkin Valley
  • Race issues in the 1700 and 1800s impacting comtemporary society
  • African American family history research techniques and challenges
  • PowerPoint presentation on 2005 West African experience



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Mr. White is available for a variety of services related to general and local African/African American history.  Whether for groups or individuals, the same details are applied to all areas of involvement.  Primary areas of concentration are listed below: (Appearences requiring travel beyond Forsyth, extensive preparation time, or  more than a couple of hours presentation are temporarily suspended)



African American family history research in the upper Yadkin River Valley ======================= Speeches, workshops, seminars, and other presentations. (See below) ======================= African American family reunion planning assistance. ======================= Consultations on African/African American interpretations in the 1700S and 1800s in the Southeast ======================= Biographical information =======================

Contact info:

Mel White

P. O. Box 1391

Winston-Salem, NC 27102-1391



Washington Fries 1836-1920, Forsyth Co.
Photo courtesy of Clara Clinard Caldwell

Surviving slave cabin in Forsyth County
Former farm of Col. Henry Shouse





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